The death toll of Russian mall hit 64 people

The Russian government confirmed the latest death toll in a fire at a shopping mall in Kemerovo, Russia on Sunday. AFP news agency on Monday, Emergency Affairs Minister Vladimir Puchkov said the fire in Winter Cherry took the lives of 64 people. “We expect this number to be final,” Puchkov said.

Earlier, 56 people were reported killed in the incident. Daily Mirror reported, 41 of the 64 people killed were estimated children. In addition, 47 others were injured. From the results of the initial investigation, allegedly the fire originated from one of the cinemas, and destroyed more than 1,000 square meters of cinema area.

Initially, he and other visitors thought the signal was active because of accidental garbage in the toilet. “We started to notice that there was a problem after seeing the smoke and the atmosphere was getting dark, and within 2-3 minutes the smoke became thicker,” Kepova said. In the panic, reportedly a number of children separated from his parents on the vehicle trampoline. “I see children who are not with their parents, we are trying our best to save them,” said another eyewitness, Danila Piyut. Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said at the scene, an 11-year-old boy was seriously injured after jumping from a height of nine meters.

The Russian Investigation Committee said they had opened an investigation into the existence of criminal elements in the fire. In total there were four people arrested. Including the manager of the shopping center, Nadezhda Suddenok. Fire in Kemerovo’s Winter Cherry, as reported by AFP, became the second-largest casualty in the last nine years. The largest occurred at a nightclub in Perm city, 1,200 kilometers east of Moscow in 2009. At that time, 156 people were reported killed.

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